About Us

Total Herbal Care is a primary holding company with strategic interests in organic herbal brands. As part of our strategy, we are constantly looking to collaborate with companies having strong expertise in producing organic, 100% natural and non-GMO herbal-based products. Our specialized investments and acquisitions structure in herbal products is designed to support our partners at various levels of operations, which enables them to meet their business objectives.

Our mission has always been to establish the benchmark for quality and transparency in the medicinal plant and herb-based industry. We ensure this by encouraging our brands to follow natural processing practices using organically farmed ingredients. Through our strategic investment, we are looking to shape the future of the industry by making high-quality organic herbal products accessible and affordable to all.

From production to packaging, all brands in our portfolio follow the best practices stringently to ensure the ideal results. This makes our products one of the safest and most effective, for both humans and pets.