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Z. Ed Lateef - Founder

Ed Lateef is the Chairman and Founder of Total Herbal Care, started in 2001. It was originally founded in the US as the reseller of Ayurveda products. He is a seasoned Entrepreneur and has founded different enterprises across various verticals. The businesses are grouped under the primary holding company - Limelight Capital, LLC. As the leader of the team, he has been driving the vision of growth for the entire group.

He has a strong sense of passion for nutrition, preventive care, healthcare, and his earnest efforts have led to the creation of a successful pathway for Total Herbal Care. His interest in Healthcare is driven by his vision to offer the world’s best organic herbal products based on Ayurveda, which he believes to be the core healer for all ailments.

Dr. Ashvini - BAMS MD (Ayurvedic pharmacology).

Dr. Ashvini is an Ayurveda physician with over 7 years of experience who practises Ayurveda according to traditional ayurvedic principles in nurturing patient well-being. Her qualifications are BAMS, MD (Ayurvedic pharmacology).

She is a researcher with 3 years of experience in applied R&D, a passionate medical content writer, and has good experience in developing herbal skincare, hair-care products, and nutraceutical formulations. A professional with good interpersonal and teamwork skills.

Dr. Vatsalya Ghanekar - BAMS, MD(Ayu).

Dr. Vatsalya Ghanekar has worked as a formulation and product development scientist at Total Herbal Care for one year and has been in the Ayurveda industry for six years, gaining experience in clinical Ayurveda, academics, and the research field.

As a seasoned herbal product development scientist, she is passionate about advancing herbal cosmetics and Ayurveda nutrition. In addition to being a formulator, she is also involved in herbal product manufacturing and quality analysis.

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